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SEO Egghead Consulting Group is a web development firm dedicated to creating custom, search-engine-optimized web site applications.

We specialize in eCommerce and content management web sites that not only render information beautifully to the human, but also satisfy the "third browser" - the search engine. To us, search engines are people too.

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SEO Careers

SEO Egghead, Inc. is always looking for new talent.

SEO Egghead, Inc. is always looking for new talent. We're a rapidly-growing web-development firm looking for bright people. You can wear jeans and we'll give you flexible hours (come in 11-7 to avoid traffic, if you'd like) and vacation days. Just be passionate about your work. We are looking for skilled individuals in the following areas:

0. PHP Programmers; simple loops won't be enough. Know why a quicksort is faster than a bubblesort, and be able to analyze the efficiency of algorithms intuitively.
1. MySQL Programmers; simple INNER joins simply won't be enough. Know what a cartesian product is, and be able to write a given query a few different ways for fun.
2. HTML designers; know how to design beautiful pages? Do you also know a little bit of PHP? We're looking for you!
3. Copywriters; have writing-samples ready.

Our office is strategically located within walking-distance of the Metro North train station in Pelham, NY. This is convenient for those in:

Westchester, NY (via car and Metro North train)
Rockland, NY (via car)
Bronx, NY (via Metro North train and car)
New York City (via Metro North train at Grand Central)
Queens (via car)
Connecticut (via Metro North train and car)
New Jersey, if you're in the Fort Lee area.

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All employees must work on-site. Sorry — no telecommuters.

If you think you may be a fit, and you're interested, contact us here.