So you pay your $0.10$1.00 Adwords tithe, someone wanders in your online store, and then Google Related shows anyone with a Google Toolbar installed your competitors' products? Do they return the tithe if they wander out? Heck no — thought not! So if you haven't heard, let me explain what Google Related is.

Google Related is a pretty do-no-eviladware-like 'feature' of Google Toolbar that shows competitor products on your web site without your permission or consent. It actually modifies your web site's HTML and injects a bar with lots of competing content (and products) right in at the bottom of the page. Understandably, many of us are upset about this, as was one of our clients. Here's a spiffy screenshot of the competitors injected in one particular retailer:

In this case, luckily, they were the lowest price, but do they really want to rely on luck? Google doesn't make it trivial to disable with CSS deliberately, and other more straightforward attempts have ceased to work. So here is our jQuery-based solution. Just throw this JavaScript in your HEAD tag, and you'll be done. You'll need jQuery, but most of us have it installed already.

<!--Disable Google Related-->
<script type="text/javascript">
// (<a href=""></a>)
var cnt = 0;
var interval = 0;
var f = function () {
var css = {cssText:'display:none !important; visibility: hidden !important'};
var gr = $('iframe[src^=""]');
if (++cnt > 5 || gr.length) clearInterval(interval);
$(function () {
interval = setInterval(f, 500);

If you're going to use this, please like or tweet it. Thanks.

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