This is totally off subject, but I promise another post today.  In the meantime, though — I can't make this up.  I'm staying in Washington D.C., visiting a friend, and I forgot to bring deodorant.  Since I have mercy on the souls of others who stand near me in this heat, I decided I'd go pick some up at the local CVS.

Unfortunately, when I got there and found the deodorant, it was locked up.  Yes, the deodorant was locked up.  I had to wait 10 minutes to get someone from CVS to open the case for me.  So either there is a conspiracy to keep the people in D.C. smelling really bad, or people just like to jack deodorant here.

I've heard several stupid conspiracy theories about 9/11, so maybe someone can come up with one for this.  Is the president trying to stink up the capital?  Leave a comment :) 

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