Hacking up old web sites sucks.  Many were built without regard for search engine optimization concerns.  Just thinking about fixing the architectural problems sends chills down the spine of the web developer.  However, a few great enhancements can be performed without disturbing site architecture at all.  These items are worthwhile for most web sites and should typically be tasked without concern of detrimental effects.  Everyone knows them pretty much, but it's useful to summarize those that are easy.  Here's my list:

1. Streamline Social Bookmarking Functionality.  People = Lazy.
Social bookmarking sites allow users to bookmark and tag content with certain attributes.  The aggregate of this information is used both to cite popular content within certain timeframes, as well as over time.  Adding icons and buttons to content facilitates the process of bookmarking and likely increases number of users who bookmark your web site.  I discussed effective ways to do this (with code!) here, here, and here.

2. Create Effective Link Bait.  Like a List.
While link bait can be difficult and hit-or-miss as far as results, it can frequently be an extremely economical way to build links.  Link bait can vary from range from useful information and humor to site tools.  Great examples of link bait: 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006 & Page Strength Tool.  I discussed the ROI on link bait here.

3. Start a Blog.  Actually Post Stuff.
If you haven't already, blogs provide a venue to post and link content that would not fall within the realm of a corporate site.  Bloggers readily exchange links amongst themselves, and a blog may also afford a company a more causal place to post less mundane content.  They also pick up links faster than … ???.

Anyway, I won't patronize you with the other stuff so … I left out the boring stuff that everyone has heard more than … ???.

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