Tag.  You're it.  SEOs are just like kids — but we do get paid a whole lot more.  So here's 5 things you probably didn't know about me (and probably also don't care):

I'm Jewish just like Rand.  Probably a little more religious — I don't eat pork and I suffer through the torture of 10 hours of prayer on Yom Kippur somehow.  Let me tell you, Yom Kippur makes link-building look like vacation in Fiji.

2. I'm doing this because I'm a link whore, and playing around like this only benefits everyone.  Besides, sending links around to everyone is a Mitzvah (see 1.)!

3. I am single despite my SEO prowess and dashingly handsome picture on this book.  God, I wish Wrox didn't do this to me.

4. My favorite mammal is the lion.  I love lions for some reason.


5. The reason DMOZ is dead is I cast a Pulsa diNura on it (see 2.).  I am ecstatic that people can stop obsessing over DMOZ and get on with better things.

The next people in line are SEO Idiot (I love his logo), Joost de Valk, Cristian Mezei, Dan Kramer, Mike Grehan, Barry Schwartz, and just as a joke, Matt Cutts.  I know — that's more than 5.  If you have a blog and want to continue, consider yourself tagged as well :)

In case you're wondering — this has the flavor of Paris Hilton marketing

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