If you're using a newsreader, you may notice that I now have a set of social bookmarking icons at the bottom of every blog post.  It looks like this in Google Reader:


The rel="nofollow" I have on them is more than a bit unnecessary, but I forgot to remove it, and what the hey, it still validates using FeedValidator!

Anyway, it's trivial to add.  In WordPress, the most obvious way is to edit the "wp-rss.php," "wp-rss2.php," "wp-atom.php," and "wp-rdf.php" files the same way you would do it in HTML.  Voila!

Note: This change was suggested by someone to me, but I don't have his name.  If you're a reader and leave a comment, I'll credit you here.

It's really surprising that almost nobody does this.  If such icons improve the user experience and result in more bookmarks on a blog web site, the same will apply to those who use newsreaders to read the blog, no?

I actually hacked in some changes to Sociable to do this elegantly.  I emailed the author, Peter Harkins, with the changes to see if he'd add the functionality.  We'll see.  If you want my version, contact me.  If Peter updates Sociable, I'll update this post to reflect it.

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