Your computer sucks.  The Core Duo is dead – now you need a Core 2 Duo!  Well, at least nobody is selling them.  And if the web page was located at /Core-Duo.html, one can 301 redirect /Core-Duo.html to /Core-2-Duo.html.  This channels the legacy equity to related updated content.  This practice is superior to returning a URL not found (404) error, both because it transfers equity contained by that URL instead of dispensing with it, as well as refers any old links to relevant updated content.

It is clear to me that an old page that is semantically related to a new one will effect the transference of link equity.  Furthermore, it is not only advantageous with regard to rankings — it is helpful to users and search engines.  Often, someone looking for an obsolete model of a product will be pleased if he sees the current model.  And perhaps sometimes not — but if the legacy URLs are not monetized, I am much less interested in pleasing that person.

There is nothing sneaky about this practice — yet I see almost nobody implementing it.  404'ing URLs is tantamount to throwing money in the garbage in the worst case.  So while you're buying text links and you feel the flame burning through your wallet, consider this concept of of link equity preservation:


Preserving equity that would otherwise be lost is equivalent to buying it — and perhaps much better.  I suppose for large sites, redirecting old products to new products on an individual basis may be unwieldy — but in that case one can just redirect to some sort of related product listing pages — in this case "Intel CPUs."

And no matter how obvious this seems, I can count the web sites that do this in a disciplined way on my fingers.  I like equity — do you? 

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