Circuit City was a terrible brick-and-mortar store, don't get me wrong —

but is it just us that noticed they had one of the best online experiences of any electronics retailer?

Great categorization. Search that worked. Faceted search that also worked (mostly). Checkout with pretty context-sensitive illustrations to let you know where your CVV code is — not a #@#$ link that bounces you out! It ran circles around BestBuy's online store for a long time. I think it was still better — but now it's dead.

In fact, just last week when writing requirements for an eCommerce web site, we cited examples of how Circuit City did it, and used them within the design specification. Good thing I saved some screenshots.

So … terrible store. Clueless staff. That's all 100% true. But awesome web site. Just not awesome enough, I guess. They clearly invested heavily in the web site when the brick and mortar started to fail. Then the economy killed them dead.

Circuit City R.I.P. We won't miss you, but we'll miss your web site <3.

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