I'm a sinner!  I violate Google's TOS daily.  But the guy standing next to me on Yom Kippur made me look like Jill Whalen!  He was a spammer — and a pretty devious one at that.  Some of it was muffled by the sounds of unfed stomachs growling for forgiveness, but I managed to hear these 5 things he said:

1. I'm sorry, my Lord, for using 1000s of vulnerable .edus as parasites to promote Viagra, a drug that increases the pleasure and frequency of illicit carnal sin.

2. I'm sorry, my Lord, for causing many of those aforementioned individuals to require yet another drug I promote to people too embarassed to go to their doctor, ValtrexCrap, what's that itch?

3. I'm sorry, my Lord, for sending any and all of those unsolicited emails containing the words "enlarge" and/or "confidence."

4. I'm sorry, my Lord, for posting naughty pictures of women on CraigsList, only to bombard the pathetic male respondants with BangBusTM affiliate spam.

5. I'm sorry, my Lord, for creating web content that attempts to use humor to attract lots of clicks and links to my web site, only to disappoint them with all of the other boring crap :)

I'm sorry!

Can anyone guess who this is … ?

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