Once a month, starting this coming month, I will be doing a free SEO site clinic.  Here's how it will work:

Leave a comment with your site's URL and specific concerns you may have.

After a week, I will pick 1-2 sites in the list and do a public post on what my recommendations are for those sites.  There are a few things to note in that regard: 

0. For those who have attended SES site clinics, this should be familiar.
1. If you're doing anything blatantly black hat, I probably won't do the review.  I don't want to call anything out that could get you banned.  Like I said, it will be a public post.  I will also link to your site as an added perk for link fiends.
2. I will be spending some substantial time on the reviews.  I don't have time to do more than 1-2 sites.  Don't flame me when I don't pick your site :)
3. Don't submit a blog or any site that is otherwise a common pre-fab structure.  I'm more likely to comment on a custom eCommerce store than a WordPress blog.  Realistically, what could I tell you on a blog? — probably nothing you don't already know.  My assessment will be more architectural; anyone could tell you "go get more links."

Tell some friends.  This will be on a regular basis — a monthly thing.  Just leave a comment below to enter.

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