The web site for the September SEO site clinic has been selected!  I will be reviewing the site, a design firm that offers various other template design material.  This time, there are some architectural issues.  Some are interesting and along the theme of my upcoming book,  This will be in addition to my hackneyed recommendations of blogs and more content.  The in-depth report will be done within the next few weeks.  I will also offer October's invitation at that time.

In the mean time, I did look at many of the sites you submitted!  I have some comments for many of those as well.  I only mentioned the sites where there were obvious mistakes.  If I didn't mention you, I didn't see any, or didn't know what to suggest.
I can't really comment except to say your site has barely any indexable content.  Your hopes of snatching up primary, competitive key phrases like "web design," are even more moot as a result.  You're not attempting to target the long-tail either.  You need much more content and perhaps a blog.
I'm not a fan of your domain name, as I have a hunch that many dashes in a domain name is a possible heuristic for spam-detection, as well as a turnoff for (more experienced) users who recognize the same correlation.  However, your site contains plenty of good copy.  What you lack is links.  You're on the right track with your blog.  However, I would move the Blogger blog to within the site itself, as any links you obtain will be pointing at your blogspot blog, not your web site.  Blogger lets you do this with FTP/SCP.
To be honest, I'm not sure what you're going for here.  If your primary visitors are english-speaking individuals residing in Germany, it may serve you well to locate your site physically in Germany.  Right now, using, I can see it's in the US (Note to self: add this tool to the blog).  That combined with a ".com" will probably hurt you.
This site has very little in the way of spider-food.  Most of what I see indexed at Yahoo is your blog —  That's a good move, but other than that I see nothing good.  You may want to hire someone to do some professional link bait and blogging for you.  You may also want to exclude all of the images.  This girl may not be so happy to be so randomly visible in the index.
This site architecturally is nice — but there are a few major issues.  Your descriptions are lacking on most products, (likely) resulting in quite a few supplemental listings from Google.  You're also feeding the same terse content to some of the shopping search engines resulting in some really interesting duplicate content issues.  See  I'm also not a fan of LinkVault; that's all I'll say on that topic.
Read the last site clinic.  I'd start a blog if I were you.  Quite a few web hosts have done it successfully.  Fix your navigation on this page.  Not only are those links busted, but they're linking to busted duplicate content presumably before you did the rewrites — :) Also: do a 301 from -> to resolve canonicalization issues.
This site has a lot of potential for picking up long-tail key phrases but falls short in several departments.  First, you need links — lots more of them.  Second, your site has some elements of a well-designed site, but it's horribly confusing and could use some major work.  You need to build up product descriptions more, as most of your site is going supplemental.  I also have a feeling that Google is perceiving your navigation as doorway pages, but it could be the aforementioned lack of links.  I suspect that if you build links by doing some blogging and some soliciting you may do well and good.  But you may consider doing some work on the site structurally before getting the said links, as any link equity gained may be lost in a future redesign.  I could consult on this site if desired.  There's a lot that can be done with regard to site architecture here.
To be honest, I question your decision to split the site across multiple subdomains.  Other than that, this site is a great example of leveraging user-generated content.  You might also want to use meta exclusions for those profile pages that are substantially empty.

I hope this helps.  Drop a line if it does!

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