So I got Dugg — but I'm convinced this trivial WordPress Plugin is part of what helped me top the Digg charts for so long.  All it does is examine every incoming HTTP_REFERER, and if a Digg URL (of a specific Digg) hits a blog post URL, it assumes that it's a Digg of that post.  Then the plugin automatically stores that URL and inserts the Digg button code.  It's not perfect, but it should mostly work automagically.  Just call the function within your template somewhere.  If you find any bugs, leave a comment.  Here it is:


Plugin Name: Digg
Plugin URI:
Description: Creates an interactive Digg button.
Author: Jaimie Sirovich
Version: 1.0
Author URI:

function _scrape_check_digg($digg_link$the_permalink)
$ch curl_init(); 
$http_result curl_exec($ch);
$_ preg_match('#<h3 id="title"><a href="(.*?)">#is'$http_result$captures);
    return (
$captures[1] == $the_permalink);

function digg_this()
$digg_link get_post_meta($id'DIGG_CLASS_digg_link'true);
    if (
is_single() && !$digg_link && preg_match('#^http://(www\.)?digg\.com/.+#i'$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && !preg_match('#^http://(www\.)?digg\.com/(view|users)#i'$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && _scrape_check_digg($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], get_permalink())) {
$digg_link $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];

    if ($digg_link) {
?><iframe src='<?=urlencode($digg_link)?>' height='82' width='55' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe><?


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