It's funny that of all the bloggers in this little SEO-blogosphere, it is one of those "evil" black hatters who had to admonish us for our poor grammar.

I'm often very surprised at the horrible grammar mistakes in major SEO blogs.  I'm not going to point any fingers either, but the "then vs. than" mistake is my personal pet peeve.  "Then" is an adverb, and "than" is a (coordinating comparative) conjunction.  Mixing them up just looks really bad.

You know who you guys are — there are many.  But when a spammer uses better grammar than you do in his Viagra spam, it's a sign.  Maybe you should have him proofread or something :)

Update: A friendly neighborhood grammar nazi geek pointed out that "than" is not actually a coordinating conjunction.  It is a conjunction, though.

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