And so do you.  Miss Dewey is hot, she's viral, and she's … in softcore.  Danny blogged about this viral experiment from Microsoft here.  Valleywag documented Janina Gavankar's "interesting" past appearances over here (not work safe). I posit that Microsoft was entirely aware of Miss Dewey's naked past.

Yes, nobody has really discussed it, but Microsoft must have known this.  Would anyone suggest otherwise?  Blue screens — yes.  Clueless — no.

Needless to say, such a subtle sexual undertone gave "Miss Dewey" increased viral appeal.  Thousands of undersexed nerds all over the planet, I'm sure, were passing around instant messages and emails just like the following:

"Hey check it out, this girl on Microsoft's site did *pr0n0* …!"

So kudos to Microsoft.  They subtly and successfully exploited sex, a universal favorite pastime to promote MSN search.  And they did it without the remote possibility of catching criticism or damaging their reputation.  Miss Dewey was a perfectly efficient buzz-generating machine.

Moral of the story.  Even Microsoft is using unorthodox viral methods creatively — you'd better be doing it too.  I dream of the possibility of creating something as beautifully viral as Miss Dewey.  Yes, I think Microsoft outdid Burger King — though I can see some similarity/emulation to give BK some much due credit.  30,000+ links, and counting. 

… and last I checked, search engines can't tell if the link was influenced by libido.

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