Most SEO is bullshit.  I'll be the first to agree with Jason.  Yes, I said it — and I'm an SEO.

Jason Calacanis states on his blog: "I don't hate SEO folks, and I don't think it's all B.S. — just most of it."

Now, let's get this straight.  I'm not an idiot; I don't think those black hat SEOs that rake in 20k+ per month are wooing search engines with "bullshit."  And I certainly don't agree with Jason Calacanis on every issue.

On the other hand, like Jason, I don't agree with SEO firms that make you sign contracts that don't actually reference specific services.  If an SEO speaks of things that sound like voodoo — and you believe him, you should probably stop checking the weather and do rain-dances to appease the gods as well.  Anyone who signs such contracts needs his head examined.

SEO these days is about building a search engine friendly web site, writing good content, and marketing yourself.  Ask yourself why the 2 black hatters referenced Jason's name several times.  Do you think they really care?  Ask yourself why I did it.

Traffic.  Jason Calacanis' name will be a great source of relatively non-competitive highly-relevant traffic.  Good SEOs see opportunity and run with it.  QED.

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