I have never seen such horrible irrelevent link exchange requests from fellow webmasters since Axandra's Arelis product caught on in a big way a few years back.  The site is called LinkMetro, and it stinks.

Google finally squashed the 2-way link exchange as the SEO-currency; but now LinkMetro is here to facilitate and promulgate the worthless practice despite its decline in usefulness these days.

I get approximately 5 emails per day like this:

"A LinkMetro member has requested a link exchange with 1 or more of your websites (MY-SITE <> SOME-SPAM-SITE). You may accept or decline this link request by clicking the link below, logging into your account, and clicking the 'monitor link exchanges' link."

They are pretty annoying. 

This is because I signed up and added some of the sites I develop in that process to my profile.  I am not a spammer, and neither are some of the members.  I have actually gotten a few decent requests — a few.  But I'd venture to say that most of the requests are spammers trying to exchange worthless links with non-savvy web masters who have high-quality web sites.

If you examine the sites, they, with few exceptions, use the same linkfarm-like directory thing.  Who do these people think they're kidding?  I won't criticize someone for having sites like that, but do not expect a link in return from me.

I have yet to see more than a few link exchange requests delivered by LinkMetro that are worth implementing.  I am actually considering deleting my account because I fear that getting these useless links can actually hurt me.

This happens because the LinkMetro protocol is that people who want to receive a reciprocal link must link to the "requestee" first.  This results in further dilution of links and 500 page spam directories.  Anyone who is sane would not accept these link exchange requests, so the directories keep growing.

So if you want free worthless links, join LinkMetro!

Honestly, I think LinkMetro (and 2-way links in moderation) can work, but they have to police for some of the spam.  Right now, it is out of control.

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