This is a summary of the videos located at titled "Another two videos," and dated August 3, 2006. 

Note: As before, my opinions are in italics to indicate where I'm expressing an opinion, not citing Matt.

1) All IPs in a particular data center should typically report results similar to the rest of the IPs in that IP block.  But …

2) Even if you hit a given IP address in a particular data center, you may be subject to a load balancer that sends you to an entirely different data center.  This is "somewhat rare," but he says it does actually happen.  He says that many discussions in forums are as a result of this.

3) Typically an entire data center will implement a new algorithm and will vary in its entirety in accord with the changes they are making.

4) Matt says studying data center results for changes is probably a waste of your time.  Work more on your content and examine your logs.  I totally agree.

5) Matt reversed his statement that the <b> tag is favored over the <strong> tag, and also mentioned <em> is the same as <i>.  They are all treated the same way now.  Frankly, his previous report really surprised me, as it made no sense.  His reversal doesn't faze me.

6) Do not worry about duplicate content issue in totally different file-formats, such as a .doc file vs. a HTML page.  Also, do not worry about inter-language duplicate content issues, even if it translates to the same information (this is obvious in my opinion).  Do worry about things such as the same content being posted in the same language at both and

7) He claims that links from ".gov" domains aren't implicitly more valuable than those from other TLDs, but that they just tend to carry a lot of weight in general.  This debate has been going on for awhile.  It's pretty much irrelevent.  ".edus" are worth a lot regardless of the reason behind the actual value.

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