This is a summary of the videos located at and titled "Video: Reinclusion requests," and "Video: Tips for SES San Jose 2006," respectively.  The latter is dated August 7, 2006.

Note: As before, my opinions are in italics to indicate where I'm expressing an opinion, not citing Matt.

In the first video, Matt discusses reinclusion requests.  He has a previous post here regarding the topic, but he asserts his recommendations have changed somewhat since that post.

So what does Matt currently recommend you do when you think you have been penalized by Google for spamming?  He recommends using Google Webmaster Central, previously called Sitemaps, to fill out a reinclusion request.  Sometimes Webmaster Central will even alert you to the penalties, though this is not always the case.  Giving too much information out indicriminately would likely aid spammers.

When you fill out a request, the more information you give, the better.  If you were employing a black hat SEO unknowingly, or you got hacked, tell them about it.  Also give them the timeline and specific dates.  Lastly, assert that it will never happen, and why.

As a side node, it occurs to me that I am now linking to Matt Cutts videos extensively and transcripting them — at least the essential parts.  Overall, people are now linking to Matt's blog more.  These videos are an prime example of link bait — more so than a textual version would be, I think.  This is despite the fact that the video idea is quite unwieldy in my opinion.

This indicates to me that if you are influential enough, even inconveniencing people can work to your advantage and hook some links.  Pure genius, Matt!

I could personally do without Matt cooing over his cat, though.

The latter video is about how to get the most of SES.  It's all fluff, so you can safely ignore it.

I'd rather watch his cat than that particular video.

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