So we all know MSN search was down on March, 6, right?  And this totally sucks.  But MSN bashing aside, I personally have noticed that MSN search has silently been getting better.  And I expect it to get better still.

Why is this?

Well, 2 reasons.  One, Microsoft is increasingly hiring the best people from the best schools, quite like Google.  Only a small handful of the best students (I never applied, but I'm not sure I'd make it — maybe) get interviewed, and maybe one per year gets hired.  The school is Stevens Institute of Technology if any of you are interested.  They're also known to be an extremely nice place to work for with amazing benefits.  This also sounds rather "Googlish" (or perhaps Google is Microsoftish since Microsoft was born a long time before Google).  Microsoft is a force to be reckoned with.  I personally program in for the Unix world, but I have a hard time not acknowledging the viability of .NET and C#.  And they've made major strides in security.  So that's one reason.  Microsoft really doesn't totally suck anymore.  Blue screens don't occur every day.  The registry idea is still braindead, and the OS has major legacy issues (that Apple denigrates without mentioning they have to deal with 1 billionth of the legacy hardware MS does, etc.) So who says they can't write a search engine?

The other reason is even more persuasive.  Microsoft hates Google.  Bill Gates and Steve Balmer have a threat, and they know it.  That's fine.  That's one emotion — admiration and rivalry.  But Billy and Steve don't just admire them, they hate them.  Google repeatedly has stolen some of the best minds from Microsoft.  This, by the way, validates my theory that Microsoft has been getting good people.  Steve Balmer reportedly threw a chair when he found out one of their best abandoned ship for Google.  This doesn't sound like typical rivalry.

So Microsoft hates Google.  If I were Google, I'd be scared of Microsoft.  It's personal — it's not just rivalry.  Microsoft declared a virtual Jihad on Google. And it's not like Microsoft is clueless, either.  No matter how much I love to bash Microsoft, much of it is only historically true.  Watch out Google.

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