And it's not just a patched-together port of Search Engine Optimization with PHP, either. Cristian and I did it right. The examples are programmed using typical ASP.NET design patterns, and we built reusable components for your .NET applications. So if you're an ASP.NET programmer and you need to know how to effectively use rewriting tools, implement cloaking and geo targeting, or just want a good reference, buy the book.

Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET: A Developer's Guide to SEO teaches you, with step-by-step coding examples:

* To understand the most important criteria that influence search engine rankings
* How to create keyword-rich URLs by implementing URL rewriting using ASP.NET, ISAPI_Rewrite, and UrlRewriter.NET
* How to use HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents
* How to create optimized content and cope with duplicate content effectively
* How to avoid being the victim of black hat SEO techniques
* How to implement geo-targeting and cloaking
* How to use sitemaps effectively, for users as well as for search engines
* How to creative interactive link bait applications
* Some SEO enhancements that can easily be applied to existing sites
* And lastly, we build a search engine friendly e-commerce catalog

* If you are a search marketing blogger and would like a copy for review, contact me. Please indicate which blog you write for and I'll get back to you if you are accepted.

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