Oh no!  Real-time (ECN) stock quotes appear to be gone from both the condensed and the detailed Google Finance views.  Hopefully, it's just a fluke and it will be back tomorrow.  Take a look:


This actually annoys me, as I use Google to get quick real-time visibility on stock quotes without having to log in to my TDAmeritrade account.

Yahoo still appears to give out free real-time quotes, but it's not accessible via standard query.  Here's how to get ECN quotes from Yahoo:


Not sure why this happened, but it was one of the "sticky" features Google had for me.  Now I think I'll use Ask because they have those cool commercials.  Nah, I'll still use Google :)

I'll be posting some cool technical stuff, as well as announcing which sites I am reviewing for the Free Site-Clinic later today.

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