This magazine just keeps getting better.  It's now a permanent fixture in the basket within my "WC."  3 installments have now arrived; here's the skinny on the stuff I found interesting in Winter 06/07 edition:

1. Eric Ward talks about what to do if an SEO Firm gets you banned in "My SEO Firm Got Me Banned! Now What?"  It's a great how-to, and details something ominous-sounding I didn't notice on Microsoft's re-inclusion page.

2. Nacho of iHispanic talks about the Hispanic Market.  The guy has a funny name, but he really knows his stuff.  I spoke with him a few times during my tenure at RustyBrick — impressive guy.

3. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz talks about how to assemble an SEO staff.  It's basically a rehash of stuff he's said in his blog, but in one convenient place.  There's some sound advice in there.

Of course my duplicate content article is present as well, but I read it 30 times before submitting it — and it no longer excites me.

No, I wasn't paid for this review through Review-Me ;)

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