Today I did a presentation for YouNeverCall in Israel.  They actually started selling by cell phones, but the owner morphed it into an SEO firm as he discovered the importance of SEO in internet marketing.  Israeli SEO firms are now popping up like wildfire, and many of them are consulting to companies in the United States.  This has a lot to do with currency, salary disparities, and untapped talent.  Anyway, I did an SEO presentation for them because they paid for my vacation, and I'm friendly with them.  I walked in blind.  The list of things I went over was by their request.  Here it is:

1. My Bio, Site Experience, Philosophy
2. Where does SEO fit in the scheme of internet marketing; draw us a map.
Tracking Conversions
4. Analytics: How do you use it, how should we use it?
5. SEO Arsenal: discussion of what we are doing and what we should do:
CMSes - problems, etc.
  B. Page Content
  C. Titles and Descriptions
  D. Site Maps - Architecture
  E. Linking strategies
  F. Paid Links - what should our strategy be
  G. Other linking methods
  H. Link Bait
  I. Where is SEO going in the next 12 months?
  J. Essential SEO Tools - what are the most important tools
  K. About the search engines - Differences between them, Do we care?, Trends
6. Input on Some of Existing Clients
  A. W. Las Vegas
  B. A Real Estate Agency
  C. MagsOnTheNet
7. Social Bookmarking and its relation to link bait
8. Do's and Don'ts of SEO

I promised pictures.  Here's the view from my hotel in Jerusalem.  I won't bore you with 500 off-topic pictures.  Seriously, you probably don't even care :)

My next thing I want to see in Israel is the Biblical Zoo — especially the lions!

Rawr! Feed me SEO!

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