It's my birthday on January 16, so it's time for everyone to leave a comment — and for all of my friends to buy me drinks.  I'll be doing something that involves a bar and drinks in NYC on January 13. I figure I should reschedule my birthday like presidents do for maximum convenience.  If they can do it, I can too!  And if we're not doing a bar, we'll do a hookah bar instead.  Likely venues include:

Horus Cafe; 93 Ave. B
Dive Bar; 732 Amsterdam Ave.

If anyone who reads this blog is in NYC, you're invited as well.  Just contact me, and let me know you'll be there.

If you're feeling particularly generous, you may also give me a nice relevant text link … or ideally a pet lion (if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll notice my strange obsession with lions):

The lion would be trained only to eat people I do not like.  So you'd better buy me good drinks :)

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