Or is it search engine optimization?  It occurs to me that the publisher of our book, Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP, picked the title for us.  Usually I give more thought to titles.  The title does contain the key phrase "search engine optimization," but it's not clear to me whether we can target "seo" as well.  If not, which term is more desirable?  The book will be listed in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  It could make a difference!

Here's what I've gathered:
"Search engine optimization" is probably more desirable aesthetically on the book binding.  I've done no empirical testing, but this seems more reasonable to me; it's more official-sounding.
2. According to Wordtracker, "search engine optimization" receives more queries than "seo."  I question this however, because I see some strange repeated numbers in the query counts.  I also know I type "seo X," not "search engine optimization X" when forming longer-tail queries.
3. Ideally, I could include both "search engine optimization" and "seo" in the title; but how is not obvious to me.

Can anyone think of a better title?  I have a bit more time to change the title, perhaps add a subtitle.  Suggestions are welcome — leave a comment!

If you do come up with something better, I'll send you an autographed copy.  Just think of the nerd appeal … :)

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