Elite Hosts is a smaller full-service web hosting company.  If I had to compare it to another company, I'd say it's a lot like a smaller version of Pair.  Elite Hosts has bearded Unix gurus ready for action 24/7.  Unfortunately, their marketing department may be blinded by the big Unix beard as well.  Everything is fixable, though.  So let's get started.

They appear to highlight reseller hosting, but also sell directly.  This is typical these days.  Everyone wants to outsource his marketing department — and, in fact, this is a viable model.  Doing this, however, does not obviate the need for marketing.  There are a few fundamental problems with this site with regard to SEO.  They should be addressed as soon as possible.

The Mistakes in a nutshell:
Titles. Every page has the same title.
2. Sparse content.
3. Minor stuff: Embedded CSS/JavaScript, Meta tags.

Every page has the same title — "Elite Hosts, Inc - Affordable, Reliable Web Hosting."  This is problematic for a few reasons.  First, it's a cardinal sin to have the same title on every web page.  Not only is it bad from a marketing perspective — no calls to action, but search engines tend to particularly disdain it when a site does this.  That may be, in part, due to the aforementioned reason.  Users like relevant results.  A title with no call to action does not seem relevent, and algorithms likely factor this concept in.

Second, although corporate branding is important, I would try to put "reseller hosting" in there if at all possible — at least on some pages.

Stuff like this too https://www.elitehosts.com/support/esupport/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=5, should not be secure, have titles set, and probably mod_rewritten if possible.  Create a seperate optimized FAQ section and exclude the support section if this is not possible.

More Content!
There is not enough content, period.  Search engine spiders are hungry.  They want food — not tables with comparisons between hosting plans.  To combat this, I would create a blog in the "/blog" subfolder of the site.  Ideally it would be in a folder, not a subdomain like "blog.elitehosts.com."  I would do things such as address common PHP errors that people have as a result of a hosting company not supporting GD or file wrappers.  Talk about the woes about reseller hosting.  Post some politically correct but amusing jokes.  Anything.  All this stuff garners links.

Embedded CSS/Javascript
On a more minor note, CSS and Javascript should probably be moved to external files.  This is a win-win proposition.  The page size shrinks for users as well as search engines.

Meta Tags
Elite Hosts doesn't use meta tags.  This is not a problem, and in fact, I'd assert that having no meta tags is better than having the same meta keywords and description on every page.  I believe the meta keywords tag is mostly obsolete, so I would not bother with it.

However, a meta description may be worthwhile if only to influence the description displayed in the SERPs. 

Random Marketing Stuff
Lastly, I see calls to action on subpages, but none on the home page.  Nowhere on the home page does it say "sign up now," or "click here to sign up."  I find that a surprising number of people simply do that we tell them to.  Numerous studies I've read back up this claim.  We all like to think we're independant, but most of the time we just follow orders.  I blame this on my mother.

Link Profile
There are really only a few good links here — http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/search?p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.elitehosts.com&bwm=i&bwmf=s&bwmo=&fr=FP-tab-web-t500&fr2=seo-rd-se.  This goes back to the blogging concept.  None of the content on your site particularly merits a link.  Perhaps some members on forums give you honorable mentions, but you're fighting an uphill battle here — there is a lot of competition.  You want to start a blog.  You may also want to (whispers) buy some relevent links, or motivate some customers to drop you a link on, perhaps, their blog.

In general, I believe the link-model for site-valuation is just as susceptible to manipulation as on-page valuation.  In fact, I personally think its more flawed in a few ways, but that's another story.  A blog affords you the ability to garner some links in a way that does not violate any search engine's terms of service.  Since that's what Google wants, you probably want to bake something up for Google.

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