PixelLogo is a graphic-design firm.  They author web site templates, corporate identity design, etc.  If I had to compare them to another company, I'd say they're more of a real design-firm, but with elements of TemplateMonster as well.  They apparently knew enough to hire some SEOs who look like they did quite a few things right, but there are some major architectural issues that remain.  Many SEM firms cower in fear when they're faced with the idea of fixing dynamic site elements.  This is what I'm going to spend most of my time on here, as the rest of the stuff is boring anyway.  So let's get started.  First the boring stuff:

Their titles are decent, if a little keyword-stuffed, and they're even putting keywords in some URLs; not that that matters so much, but it's a watermark of an SEO.  I'm going to recite my usual stuff about how they should blog and that they should add some more copy.  They should blog.  They should write some more copy for all their products.  Pages like this have to go, too.  I know this sort of link-exchanging worked awhile ago, and it's not enough to get them a major penalty (otherwise I'd never cite it in good conscience), but it won't do you much good anymore.

The Major Mistakes in a nutshell:
0. They have some architectural issues, esp. with regard to the dynamic portions of the site. (I'll get to this last, but it's most important.)
1. Titles may rank well, but they're not visually appealing in the SERPs.  Many SEOs do this, and I hate it.
2. Sparse content.
3. Minor stuff: Embedded CSS/JavaScript.  I'd move this out to an external file.

1. Titles
I'm not a huge fan of titles like this, but they do have quite a bit of keywords in them.  They also have some titles that are very similar/duplicated (probably to target the keyword "logo design"), and some with some syntax errors.  All this is minor.  I disagree with some of it, but I'm not too worried:



2. More Content!
This is such a common problem that I feel silly saying it.  None of their products have substantial copy.  I know it seems contrived, but hire someone to do it.  Otherwise several pages will end up in the supplemental index.  That's one of 2 reasons why some of their results are landing there.  Even if it seems contrived to add more content, it is to your advantage.

3. Embedded CSS/Javascript
On a more minor note, CSS and Javascript should probably be moved to external files.  This is a win-win proposition.  The page size shrinks for users as well as search engines.

0. Architectural Issues
Here's where it gets fun.  Their catalog itself is a spider-trap with at least 6 parameters at a time.  Any search engine will have trouble with this:


Products themselves have URLs like this:


This is problematic for so many reasons.  If a product is in K categories, there will already be K duplicates.  But let's not stop there.  Depending on how it's sorted (see the first URL), the product will appear on different pages, and there will be additional permutations of the URL yielding the same content.

I know why they're doing this, but there are better ways.  Sessions could be used to store the page that they arrived on.  It's not always 100%, but it's better than the duplicate content issues that ensue in this case.  The category issue can be solved 3 ways.  See this post.

It's a great web site as far as usability, but the programmers clearly didn't think about SEO at all.  The SEO done for them has been completely ignorant of these site architecture issues.  I cover most of this stuff in my php seo book, actually.

Link Profile
There are a few good links here — http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/search?p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pixellogo.com&bwm=i&bwmf=s&bwmo=&fr=yfp-t-501&fr2=seo-rd-se.  This goes back to the blogging concept.  I won't speak much about it here.  Someone's doing their job.  But that link-exchange page cited above has to go.

The architectural issues cited above comprise a major theme of my upcoming book, http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Search-Engine-Optimization-PHP/dp/0470100923/.  It's going to be released in Feb 2007, but we're taking preorders :)

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