I added some new tools to this blog.  Not all of it is the mundane "link bait" you see on most SEO web sites.  Some of it is kind of neat.  Here's what I have so far:

1. View HTTP Headers - This one is pretty boring, but it's the first one I created while figuring out how to hack WordPress to wrap the scripts in the theme I use.
2. View HTTP Path - Once I got more daring, I wrote a script that examines a URL, follows any redirects, then shows the path to get to the final destination.  Looking at raw headers is very frustrating and error-prone.  I've wanted this tool for awhile, so I created it.
What is Hosted on that IP? - This tool does what I suggested I could do in this post titled "Finding Spammers' Hideouts."  It shows all domains hosted on a particular IP.

I hope everyone enjoys.  I'll be creating more of these tools in the future — probably more boring ones, as well as more cool ones.  If you have a suggestion for a tool, email me

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