Everyone is releasing their web stats for 2006.  What the heck — I will too.  What you have to notice, though, is that everyone who is getting lots of traffic has a few posts that sound like this:

"The Top 10 reasons … "
"5 Ways To … "

Hrmm … I see a trend.  But do you see it, Watson? 

This is something, in fact, I said in "8 ways To Help You Get To Digg's Front Page."  People like lists!


Here is the proof that Digg.com can drive major traffic — it, in fact, is my top referrer:
Digg.com - 43%
Direct - 19%
Google.com - 5%
Hardocp.com - 5%
SeoBlackHat.com - 3%

Now let's look at My top 5 entrance pages:
403 Forbidden: A Geek's Guide To Rejection - 37% (list in disguise)
21 Great Tips From Google's Matt Cutts - 26% (list)
Home Page - 11%
How To Get Dugg More: Digg For WordPress Plugin - 4%
DiggBait 101: 8 Ways To Help You Get To Digg's Front Page
  - 3% (yep, another list!)

Since Mr. Fishkin was so kind as to provide his data, let's look at his top posts:
5 HTML Elements You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should)
How to Ruin a Web Design - The Design Curve
Interviewing Web Developers - 20 Good Questions to Ask
How to Convince a Client Their Site Doesn't Need Music
21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Did you notice that 3 out of 5 of his top posts also had a number in it?  Lists are man's best friend when it comes to internet traffic.  Numbers, in general, also seem to catch your eye.  Yes, I do think I see a trend, Watson :)

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