I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 today, and one of my plugins blew everything up. Here it is revised for WordPress 2.1. Enjoy!:

Download source code here


Plugin Name: PagerFix
Plugin URI: http://www.seoegghead.com/
Description: Makes the paging in WP more SE-friendly.
Author: Jaimie Sirovich
Version: 1.1 for WP 2.1+
Author URI: http://www.seoegghead.com/

function pager_fix($seperator ' | '$after_previous '&nbsp;&nbsp;'
'&nbsp;&nbsp;'$prelabel='&laquo; Previous Page'
='Next Page &raquo;'$current_page_tag 'b')
$numposts $wp_query->found_posts;
$max_num_pages ceil($numposts $posts_per_page);

    if ($max_num_pages 1) {

        for ($cnt 1$cnt <= $max_num_pages$cnt++) {

            if ($current_page_tag && $paged == $cnt) {
$begin_link "<$current_page_tag>"
            } else {
$begin_link "$end_link ";
$x[] = $begin_link '<a href="' get_pagenum_link($cnt) . '">' 
'</a>' $end_link;


The old documentation/blog post is here.

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