"Warning: (1) This Device May Not Cause Harmful Interference"

Except for that ridiculously sloppy (and funny!) typo, and the missing Apple glyph, the counterfeit my father received from eBay is really authentic-looking.

Fake Macbook Power Supply

The counterfeiters …

1. Deceptively make the power supply look like the original (minus the Apple logo).
2. Use the same model number (A1172) to further mislead and allow sellers to mislead consumers.
3. Even more frighteningly, it does not put out the proper voltage according to my trusty multi-meter — at least not the same voltage as the OEM Apple part!

Other differences include the fact that it's slightly thicker, the circular ring to hold the power prong adapter is plastic, not metal, and generally has a poorer fit-and-finish. There are more burrs on the edges, and the printed text is less-precisely printed (aside from the obvious typo).

The MagSafe connector must have been purchased from the right source. It looks perfect.

And this problem isn't only on eBay. I found someone who bought a knock-off listed as an OEM part — complete with the "A1184″ and "MA538LL/B" (misleading) part numbers here. Another noted that perhaps the same knockoff "made a loud bang and killed a main [sic] fuse."

The connectors look correct, as aforementioned:

Resemblance Is Deliberate; could almost fool me:

Either way, it's not going on my laptop. This Chinese knockoff probably also won't fool the rest of the famously detail-oriented community of Apple consumers, but I thought I'd make everyone aware. This thing isn't going to fry my 17″ Macbook. No way.

Of course you could, and it may not cause harmful interference … ;)

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