All things have still been quiet over here. Why is that? Well, it turns out SEO blogging is a cheap commodity these days. Heck, I'd be willing to bet that Indian SEO firms are outsourcing their SEO blogging to Indian SEO firms—and so on. If you're a nerd, you'll see the recursion in that.

Who really knows the depth of the Indian outsourcing toilet from which random marketing-related content we read emerges? I'd be willing to bet Panda despises most content from India. So it's fitting that the Grand Panda Master is Indian. Don't get me wrong. India has produced some great scientists (see below), but the good ones are working at Google—not freelance web sites with $200 projects.

I talked about search engine optimization a whole lot in Terra Blogga, and some of the things I wrote in SEO+PHP are well-understood now. Thus we've drifted into the realm of information retrieval (IR) and faceted search. Interestingly, the considerations faceted search pose for SEM comprise a huge topic. I spoke about this at Search Engine Strategies at length. People seemed very interested.

As usual, people lose interest when they realize there's programming involved. As usual, about 5 years from now they'll realize how important it is to consider the bots in faceted search. As usual, fixing it is harder than getting some of it right from the start. There are murmurs about it now on various blogs.

Trust me. Faceted search is not going away. This other guy from India was smarter than our domestic library scientists many moons ago. Library of Congress classification is a perfect example of how categorization doesn't really work. Trying to classify something using 1 tree is a futile task. India was light years ahead of us.

Meanwhile we're still obsessing like The Monk about how to best paginate results. It's seriously getting boring. Matt Cutts could end it now by issuing SEO Fatwas like these. Either way, anyone using our nascent eCommerce platform will be well equipped when more people start talking about faceted search and SEM.

Of course faceted search is a challenging topic alone. uxMatters contains two of my most recent publications:

Categories, Facets—and Browsable Facets?
Supporting Hierarchy with Multiple Selection

I also published a perspective published in Designing Search about faceted search and those pesky bots. Everyone should read that book, and not only my contribution. In addition to Greg's depth of knowledge on all things UX, there are also perspectives from industry heavyweights like Endeca and IBM. I'm honored to be in such amazing company.

My prediction: we'll be talking about faceted search + SEO for at least as many years as pagination. It's much more complicated, and certainly less boring.

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