You like SEO and intuitive pagination controls? Well, we decided to release our SEO Pager control that we've been using for awhile over here anyway. So here's the scoop —

This Wordpress plugin implements a multi-page customizable pager to replace the standard, boring WordPress "Earlier Posts" and "Newer Posts" links. This improves SEO as well as usability. In addition to this it presents some related SEO options. Its features include —

* Set SEO-Pager to either a plain or boxed style.
* No need to edit a stylesheet either! Just enter hex color value or name for border, background, text, and hover/selected colors.
* No need to edit your template! Either have it automatically installed for you for ease, or do it yourself for full control — you decide.
* Customize the previous and next labels for pager.
* Optionally add page numbers to category and archive listing page titles.
* Optionally excerpt posts on page numbers greater than 1 to mitigate duplicate content issues.
* Show date associated with first post of every page link for easy navigation.
* Fix and intercept various improper links (page out of bounds, etc.).

Pager Screenshot:

Control Panel Screenshots:

Pager Options:

Metro North Map

SEO Options:

Metro North Map

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