Yahoo recently announced that they are releasing a free enterprise search tool to the masses.  I would argue (and so have many others) that this cannibalizes the market for Google.  The software runs on both Linux and Windows.  Google has had one of these for years — but it costs money.  The equivalent product from Google costs $30,000.  Google does include hardware at that price, but the cost of hardware is negligible.

"They're going to create a real headache for Google at that tier," notes Forrester Research analyst Matthew Brown.

I agree.  Most of Google's IP is in seeing through the vast amounts of garbage spam on the internet.  Eliminating spam from the landscape, producing a search engine that works for 30,000 documents is fairly boring.  Most of the algorithms are published in books and available to the public.  Spam is not an issue on an intranet or individual web site.  You're not going to spam yourself, right?

Perhaps Google has a powerful brand; but the differences between Omnifind and Google's appliance appear to be fairly academic.  In fact, I just got an email from someone I consult to that he's abandoned his plan to go with a Google appliance.  I'm sure he's not the only one :)

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