Here I am, minding my own business, trying to write a rule for mod_rewrite that redirects /blog/ to / so there's no duplicate content (just in case I missed a homepage link in the template — or someone links it — it gets redirected).  And here I am discovering that Yahoo (quite lamely) doesn't support .htaccess files at all. Wow, this totally stinks.

This comes after also discovering that Yahoo also doesn't allow their managed WordPress installation to go in the root directory, either.

But I found a solution:

if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == '/blog/') {
  header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

Just toss that in the index.php from the WordPress control panel. Ironically, WP also lets you manage .htaccess, but it blows up. Surprise surprise. Yahoo: either fix this, or remove the link in WP.

And yes, I know I'm totally lame for using Yahoo.  I thought I'd stop micro managing and let someone else host for me (I own my own servers for my own work).  Big mistake.

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