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SEO Egghead Consulting Group is a web development firm dedicated to creating custom, search-engine-optimized web site applications.

We specialize in eCommerce and content management web sites that not only render information beautifully to the human, but also satisfy the "third browser" - the search engine. To us, search engines are people too.

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Jan 6

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Excerpt: … for spammers, anyway. Upgrading WordPress often might just help! On the other hand, you could still wake up and find out your blog looks like this after a zero-day attack — That's probably a bad thing. But, in fact, many of us in the blogosphere have enjoyed this particular problem. And it's not quite as much fun as the blue pill. In the worst case, it's not just spam, it's badware or viruses. And then Google won't want to cohabit with you ever again. Well, you're still alive, and you're sick of getting attacked. We are, too. So, at least…

Jan 2

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Excerpt: You thought cheap webhosting was a bargain. Maybe … but bad webhosting isn't just a bummer — it can get you delisted, added to badware lists, etc. And it doesn't have to be your fault (directly, anyway). Use IX Web Hosting | web hosting at your own risk. One day you might just get hacked and/or defaced. Even worse, you might be — courtesy of some Turkish hacker — installing malware on users' computers by proxy. The hackers seem to be pretty good, if a little mean. Fix it, and then it just might happen the…

Dec 5
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Jaimie Sirovich

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Excerpt: WordPress is great. So are most other free and/or open-source applications. The only problem with these applications is that no matter how secure the other parts of your web site are, using such a popular application makes you an easy target for their widely circulated exploit scripts. There are lots of prying eyes on, say, WordPress. And exploiting popular open-source applications is interesting, because you get more bang for your buck. Upgrading helps, and of course we do it. But it still won't help for 0-day exploits, and it's not easy when you're managing…