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SEO Egghead Consulting Group is a web development firm dedicated to creating custom, search-engine-optimized web site applications.

We specialize in eCommerce and content management web sites that not only render information beautifully to the human, but also satisfy the "third browser" - the search engine. To us, search engines are people too.

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SEO Ethics Statement

We get you to the top &mdash without risky techniques or selling our souls.


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SEO Egghead, Inc. strives to uphold the highest standards of ethics when performing search marketing services. We will never knowingly expose clients to any substantial risks without disclosure in writing to that effect. Our ethics guidelines are as follows —

SEO Egghead, Inc. will never deliberately harm a client. SEO Egghead, Inc. will not knowingly violate any guidelines published by search engines without disclosing such intentions to clients for approval. In cases where ambiguities exist, SEO Egghead, Inc. will investigate them to the best of its ability and consult with clients before taking action.

SEO Egghead, Inc. will not knowingly violate any federal or state laws. Copyright, trademark, servicemark laws, and laws pertaining to spam will be observed to the best of our knowledge. We will not steal content from other web sites under any circumstances.

SEO Egghead, Inc. will not accept multiple clients vying for the same keywords or within a similar vertical. We will not make unrealistic promises about rankings or the time frame therein for achieving said rankings.

SEO Egghead Inc. will respect the proprietary information of clients. All employees are bound to protect confidential and/or proprietary information. SEO Egghead, Inc. will not publish testimonials, logos, press releases, or any other materials unless explicitly permitted by the client.

SEO Egghead, Inc. will never misrepresent its abilities, certifications, or experience.

SEO Egghead, Inc. does SEO for select clients in non-competing industries.

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