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SEO Egghead Consulting Group is a web development firm dedicated to creating custom, search-engine-optimized web site applications.

We specialize in eCommerce and content management web sites that not only render information beautifully to the human, but also satisfy the "third browser" - the search engine. To us, search engines are people too.

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Speaking & Workshops

Since 2006, we've been professionally speaking at conferences and workshops about the technical aspects of search engine optimization and marketing, as well as eCommerce. Below, please find some of the more recent events to which we've contributed.

If you're interested in having us speak, here's our contact information.

Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2011

Panda vs. Human: Advanced eCommerce SEO & UX

Pleasing every human is difficult. Different demographics have different preferences and we must design interfaces that work well for all of them. Designing an interface that is also easily crawlable for robots pandas - another animal entirely - will often present seemingly impossibly different considerations. This session will introduce cutting-edge human interfaces from Greg Nudelman's Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success - and then consider the same interface from the view of the panda. The speakers will also explore the considerations in satisfying both audiences in each of these designs. When there is a conflict, they will present some alternatives and compromises, such as novel faceted search controls and super-powered breadcrumbs with information scent that both humans and pandas are sure to love.

Search Engine Strategies New York 2011

Technically Speaking, This is the Way You Do It

There's no getting away from the fact that, in this industry you need to have a good technical understanding of how search works. And there's a huge element of tech SEOs in the industry who are on first name terms with bots as they crawl and index the web. Developing web sites they love is what they do. Your business can be dramatically affected by technical changes to your web site which damage your ranking at search engines. Faceted search, controlling SERP variables and getting to grips with coding issues is what this session is all about. Join our panel of technical wizards for some serious tech talk.

Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing Strategies New Jersey 2009

An In Depth Overview into the Technology Behind SEO

Roll up your sleeves and learn about the more technical side of search engine marketing. In this session we'll explore how site architecture matters in web marketing. We'll explore the basics of how the modern search engine works, then duplicate content issues, and even how site security can impact your web presence.